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Individual Clients

Whether you have a dispute with an employer, a landlord, or a business counterparty, or you just need a contract reviewed, we’ll advocate for you – and fight for you if necessary. Life is complicated, and individual clients often face multiple interrelated issues. We’ll cover every angle at a reasonable price.




If you’re considering a new job, we can help interpret or negotiate your contract to put you in the best position possible. And if you're dealing with a rocky employment relationship or you've been fired, non-compete law, contract law, or anti-discrimination laws may come into play. We’ll untangle those threads and protect your interests.




If you’re entering into a contract, whether it covers your employment, a partnership, or licensing your intellectual property, we’ll help you understand the contract's terms and maximize the benefits. And if a contractual or business dispute arises, we’ve got you covered.




New York City has no shortage of landlords aggressively seeking maximum profits. If you’re a tenant facing eviction or you're dealing with a landlord who’s willing to violate the terms of a lease or even break the law, call us.

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