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Asset Searches and Judgment Enforcement

We search specialized databases and public resources such as litigation and property records for information regarding business interests, property holdings, securities, vehicles, aircraft, boats, and other assets. While obtaining bank records without the account holder's permission is illegal, our investigations do sometimes uncover information about where people or companies bank. To dig for assets that are not reflected in the public record, we carefully collect information through discreet interviews.


When Should I Invest in a Search?

Many lawyers wait until after they have a judgment to look for their adversaries' assets, but conducting an asset search early can save money and lead to better results. In the litigation context, a pre-suit search can help determine which parties have the deepest pockets or whether a party that claims to be judgment-proof is hiding money.  

How Much Does It Cost?

While the cost of asset searches varies depending on the complexity of the search target, they can be surprisingly cost-effective when they are used to inform strategic decisions. The resulting savings and/or higher settlement amount that can result from knowing your opponent's financial status could far outweigh the cost of a search. Contact us for a free price quote.  

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